optibelt OPTIMAT

optibelt OPTIMAT

Open-ended V-belting, punched – DIN 2216




Y/6, 8, Z/10, A/13, B/17, 20, C/22, 25, D/32, E/40


on rolls measuring 50 m


Optimat V-belts are open-ended and are connected in an endless manner using a flexible connector once the belt length has been determined.

Optimat V-belts can be adjusted to corresponding lengths for all centre distances without any problems whatsoever. The belts can be supplied in any required length completely depending on the requirements of the drive.

Storage is simple and economical. With Optimat belts, it is not necessary to store different belt lengths for all possible uses in the warehouse. Optimat belts can be cut to the correct length according to the required drive on location.

Open-ended belting can be applied even when dealing with fixed centre distances. In the event of the belt stretching, the belt can be shortened in a few minutes. Optimat belts enable a quick installation, especially when using drives with a limited amount of access or drives with limited available space. The drive does not have to be dismantled when the belts have to be removed.



  • Simple and quick assembly due to the flexible connectors
  • Any length is possible
  • Expensive tension device can be discontinued by shortening the belts
  • Low levels of noise emissions
  • Hardly any maintenance costs
  • Reduced storage of replacement parts
  • Classical V-belt power transmission
  • Can be used in DIN/ISO V-grooved pulleys
  • Electrically conductive (on request)