optibelt OMEGA HP

optibelt OMEGA HP

High performance timing belts for HTD- and RPP pulleys




3M HP, 5M HP, 8M HP, 14M HP, 2MHP on request


111 to 4,578mm


The optibelt OMEGA HP high performance timing belt was especially developed for heavily loaded, high speed drives.
Improved materials and highly developed process engineering form the basis for this very high performance level.
For every power transmission requirement there is an appropriate belt section.
Faster, stronger, more compact – that is how the new optibelt OMEGA HP presents itself, a timing belt for the highest demands.


High performance timing belt for extremely large loads at high rotational speeds Up to 2 times the power transmission capability of standard version Up to 18 times the life compared to standard timing belts Increase power transmission results in drive size reductions, saving cost The section is tailored to the standard HTD- and RPP pulleys.