optibelt OMEGA HL

optibelt OMEGA HL

High power timing belts for high torques




8M HL, 14M HL further sections on request


288 to 4,578 mm


On drives with high torque and low belt speed, optibelt OMEGA HL timing belts surpass the capacity of Optibelt OMEGA HP by up to 15%.

In addition, the design was optimised so that optibelt OMEGA HL is much more suitable for drives with shock loading.

When used for new drive designs in these types of application, optibelt OMEGA HL achieves the highest possible functional reliability in combination with an optimum efficiency.


  • High power timing belt for extremely high loads over the total range of speeds
  • Suitable for high torques
  • Optimised absorption of shock loading
  • System cost savings due to a reduction of the drive volume
  • The section is tailored to the standard HTD- and RPP pulleys.