optibelt HTD

optibelt HTD

Timing belts




HTD: 20M HTD D: D-5M; D-8M; D-14M HTD: endless timing belts, 3M; 5M; 8M; 14M


HTD: 111 to 6,600 mm HTD D: 425 to 4,578 mm other sizes on request


The optibelt HTD- timing belts have curvilinear, particularly shear-resistant teeth. The tooth geometry in conjunction with the belt construction produces uniform oad distribution and optimal meshing of the belt teeth in the timing belt pulleys.HTD® timing belts are also available in a double section version.

The merits of the optibelt HTD- and HTD double timing belts make them suitable for heavy duty drive systems, in particular low speed systems with high starting torque.

Product range upon request: 3M /5M /8M /14M


  • Positional accuracy, precise synchronisation
  • Low noise, smooth running