optibelt BLUE POWER

optibelt BLUE POWER

High-performance wedge belts with aramid cord




  • Flexible and low-tension design
  • New dimensioning: most compact design with minimum cost possible, compared to drives with conventional wedge belts
  • Problem solver: multiple lifetime and reduced demand for maintenance respectively, when applied in existing overloaded installations
  • Powerful increase of performance by approx. 100% compared to an OPTIBELT standard wedge belt
  • Suitable for extremely loaded drives
  • Temperature resistance up to 100 °C and increased resistance to chemical influences


The matching pulleys to the belt


The new, wrapped high-performance wedge belt optibelt BLUE POWER has a high-strength aramid cord and as an individual belt, as a set or as a Kraftband is particularly suited for large, heavily loaded drives.

The capacity of an optibelt BLUE POWER wedge belt is about twice that of a wedge belt with standard technical design. This corresponds to additional performance of up to 100%.


SPB, SPC and 8V/25N


1,500 to 9,000 mm