optibelt ALPHA V

optibelt ALPHA V

Timing belts – endless, welded polyurethane




T5; T10; T20 AT5; AT10; AT20 5M; 8M; 14M XL; L; H; XH T5K6; T10K6; T10K13 AT5K6; AT10K6; AT10K13 F2; F 2.5; F3


Minimum welding lengths: 400 to 1,200 mm, depending on width and pitch


optibelt ALPHA V timing belts are made from open-ended, extruded optibelt ALPHA LINEAR timing belts that are welded together to achieve the specified length. They are used primarily in transport systems.

Despite the break in the tension cords at the finger spliced joint, the welded timing belts still achieve at least 50% of the permissible tractive force achieved by belts with continuous cords. This is due to the high strength of the thermoplastic polyurethane.

When polyamide fabric is welded to the polyurethane belts, the fabric is simply butt jointed and not bonded together at its ends. In contrast, reinforced top surfaces and T2, yellow PU foam and APL plus coatings as well as the tooth side of the belt can be welded together as a joint-free composite.



  • Lengths can be manufactured according to gradations in pitch.
  • Can be supplied cost-effectively and at short notice
  • The reinforced top surface version and the T2, yellow PU foam or APL plus versions can be welded in composite


  • Also available with polyamide fabric on the tooth side and/or belt back
  • PU also available with FDA approval for food contact
  • Direct welding on of cams and cleats
  • Despite breaks in the tension cords, these belts offer approx. 50% of the performance of continuous cord timing belts