optibelt ALPHA POWER

optibelt ALPHA POWER

High performance, endless timing belts made of cast polyurethane




T 2.5; T5; T10; DT 2.5; DT5; DT10 AT5; AT10


120 to 2,250 mm


The powerful optibelt ALPHA POWER timing belts are the result of consistent further development. The company’s wide-ranging experience with its ALPHA TORQUE timing belts has been incorporated in this belt generation.

Made with a new, more resistant and more durable polyurethane compound, the performance of this generation is up to 30 % higher than that of the previous optibelt ALPHA TORQUE.
By enabling a more compact drive design, the
optibelt ALPHA POWER helps cut costs, starting with the purchase costs for new belts and pulleys.

The optimised interplay of the polyurethane, with a hardness of 88 Shore A, and the steel cord ensures that the optibelt ALPHA POWER offers an extremely economical solution for a particularly wide range of applications.



  • Improved mechanical properties compared to the optibelt ALPHA TORQUE
  • with up to 30 % higher performance values


  • Very accurate pitch and low tolerances
  • Excellent bonding between the polyurethane and the tension cords
  • Variable position of the tolerance zone, for fixed centre distances, for example
  • Tensions cords: steel, highly flexible steel, stainless steel
  • Usable sleeve width: up to 380 mm