optibelt ALPHA FLEX

optibelt ALPHA FLEX

Timing belts – endless, extruded polyurethane




T5; T10; T20 DT5; DT10 AT5; AT10; AT20 DAT5; DAT10 5M; 8M; 14M D5M; D8M H


Lengths of 1,100 to 24,000 mm, depending on the profile


The optibelt ALPHA FLEX timing belt is manufactured to the customer’s length specification as an endless belt without any breaks in the tensile reinforcement. This means that two spirally wound tension cords are used.

These can be made of steel, highly flexible steel or stainless steel to suit a wide range of applications.

In the case of belts that are at least 1,500 mm long, the tooth side of the optibelt ALPHA FLEX can be covered with polyamide fabric (PAZ).



  • The length range can be manufactured according to gradations in pitch.
  • Option of polyamide fabric on the tooth side
  • Available with S or Z cord twist


  • Direct welding on of cams and cleats
  • Manufactured widths: 100 and 150 mm