High Pressure Air Dryer – PLH

High Pressure Air Dryer – PLH

PLH series (high pressure dryers for compressed air systems up to 50 barg) makes the most of manufacturing and functional advantages of brazed plate heat exchangers, which are more suitable for high pressure working conditions (on models PLH 15-500).

All the stainless steel plate heat exchangers used are manufactured by primary companies and are specifically designed for air dryer applications and certified for high pressure (up to 50 barg).

The refrigerant circuit and demister type condensate separator are projected and dimensioned to increase dryer performance, and comply to the 97/23/CE-PED directive.

Main features are:

simple and ergonomic component layouts guarantee functionality and efficiency;
excellent performance due to low pressure drop and constant pressure Dew Point;
dryer design is very attractive both aesthetically with a two tone cabinet and practically with a robust casing.


The hoods are easily removed and offer immediate access to all parts of the system. The clear layout of the components, the simple composition of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of the wires in the electrical system, facilitate the operator when carrying out standard controls.

All models are also fitted with a system that monitors condensate and a safety pressure switch to prevent the pressure of the refrigerant from rising.


The precise and accurate hot gas by-pass valve, which prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator at any load condition, is a recent development unavailable in the past.

The valve is set during final test and no further adjustments are necessary.


PLH 4C…40 > Reciprocating type
Modelli PLH 50…160 > Rotary
Dal modello PLH 210 > Scroll